To celebrate the launch of Wedgwood's 'Taste of History' range of teas, AVM created a new dessert tasting menu to be enjoyed exclusively at the launch on May 14th.

This was the first time Wedgwood had released an edible product and we were thrilled to be able to pair their latest creations with historical adaptations inspired by the flavours and themes behind each tea.


Cornflower Cracknels | 1777 (Tea Party)
Cracknels are a traditional English biscuit flavoured with caraway seeds. For this adaptation, blue cornflowers have also been added to compliment the floral arrangement in the tea.

Apricot and Honey Panforte | 1780 (Encaustic)
Combining a classic Italian dessert and the flavours of ancient Etruria, this Panforte is both contemporary cake and a taste of history.

Jasperware Gingerbread | 1790 (Arabesque)
A blue and white printed biscuit inspired by one of Wedgwood’s most iconic designs

White Gingerbread Dragon | 1814 (Chinese Tiger)
Unlike it’s biscuit-based counterpart the lesser-known white gingerbread has a marchpane base; a fragrant blend of almonds, rosewater, sugar and ginger.

Victorian Scones | 1870 (Golden Rose)
A quintessential British classic, the scone was first introduced into the high tea in the late 1830s, where it soon became a firm favourite and icon of the afternoon tea.

Orange Marmalade Truffles | 2010 (Pashmina)
The exotic perfume of the tea is echoed in the flecks of crystallized orange running through these dark chocolate truffles: a perfect fusion of British idiosyncrasy and Asian influence.

Wedgwood Taste of History | 14 May 2014 | For more information pop over to Foodepedia to read more about the launch.