The Sonic Sensorium

Inspired by the emerging field of Crossmodalism, The Sonic Sensorium: Jazz Edition explored the interaction between the senses: pairing music and sound, to taste and aroma, creating an all-encompassing sensual experience.

The Sonic Sensorium: Jazz Edition was a concert and tasting menu like no other, pairing the work of three performers with either a creative cocktail, edible perfume or experimental taste. Produced by AVM Curiosities, and hosted by award-winning food historian Tasha Marks, this special Jazz edition used the senses as a storyteller, responding directly to Two Temple Place's exhibition, Rhythm & Reaction: The Age Of Jazz In Britain, with their magnificent Great Hall as a backdrop.


The Sonic Sensorium: Jazz Edition
Two Temple Place | London, WC2R 3BD
Friday 6 April 2018

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