Soundscapes LATE

As part of an evening of special events inspired by the Soundscapes exhibition at The National Gallery, AVM Curiosities and Gastrophonic collaborated to create a multi-sensory interpretation of a 16th century masterpiece; using colour, aroma and a sonic backdrop to tell 3 stories, of 1 painting, using 5 senses.

Taking Garofalo's An Allegory of Love as their inspiration, specific elements of the painting were highlighted using three different flavour profiles; a pomander of European spices to evoke the 16th century town in the background, the rich, earthy aroma of Geosmin - the smell the earth releases after in rains - to emphasise the depth of the landscape, and finally, Garofalo's reclining lovers in the foreground were brought to life with a perfume tab soaked in white wine and rosewater, a 16th century cure for smelly armpits.

Each of these flavour stories was further paired with a frequency matched colour and sound; from a green, mid-range light with a Vivaldi lute concerto; to a low-frequency cello piece bathed in a warm red light, and finally a flute solo and a bright blue glow to amplify the high pitched citrus notes.

An Allegory of Love: Sensory Experience | Soundscapes Late | The National Gallery, London | 4 September 2015.

Garofalo. An Allegory of Love. 1527-39 © The National Gallery, London