As part of The Denney Edition at Rainham Hall, AVM Curiosities have created a scented installation that brings to life Anthony Denney’s delicious dioramas. Using aroma as a storyteller, the display draws on the Vogue photographer's working relationship with the food writer Elizabeth David, creating a sensory experience that melds Denney’s progressive style with an infusion of historical flavour.

Made in collaboration with artist Justine Hounam, the monochrome ceramic still-life is infused with three different fragrances: with each aroma inspired by a combination of Denney’s photography work, Elizabeth David’s publications and Denney’s historical cookbook collection. In keeping with Denney’s approach to the theatre of the table, the design aims to be a both a visual and olfactory feast, embodying the art of hosting and the spectacle of eating and enjoyment.


Pears | Stewed Pears
Pear & Clove
Flavour notes from a recipe by Elizabeth Raffald (1769)
recreated in a table setting by Denney (c.1969)

Oranges | Bouquet Garni
Orange Peel, Thyme & Bay Leaf
Taking inspiration from Denney’s styling
and a recipe by Elizabeth David (1970)

Figs | Summer Cooking
Figs & Fresh Air
Inspired by the front cover of Elizabeth David’s
Summer Cooking (1955)

in collaboration with Justine Hounam
Part of The Denney Edition | Curated by The Decorators
Rainham Hall, National Trust | London
Opens Saturday 29 June 2019 - until June 2021

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