Turrón Tasting Menu

As part of the National Gallery’s Goya Late, AVM Curiosities presented The Turrón Tasting Menu. Turrón is a honeyed, nutty confection with a long history in Spain. Recipes for the dessert date as far back as the 16th century, but its origins date back hundreds of years before the first notes were put to paper. Commonly referred to as the “Spanish Sweet” this delicacy is particularly popular at Christmas.

So with the festivities of December fast approaching, this sugar infused slice of history was the perfect vehicle to savour the flavour of Spain. Through the medium of a delicacy that Goya, Velázquez and their contemporaries would have enjoyed in their lifetime, AVM Curiosities presented a dessert-pairing menu, which drew taste inspiration from 4 selected Spanish paintings in Room 30, using flavour notes to complement and enhance the historic subject.


Turrón Tasting Menu 
Goya Late | The National Gallery, London
27 November 2015

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