As part of (De)Constructed Masculinities at the V&A, Tasha Marks (AVM Curiosities) and Brian J Morrison collaborated to create an aromatic installation that probed the olfactory nature of masculinity and attraction.

Cast using the contours of Morrison’s body, the scented sculptures were infused with aromas created by Marks. One with a “masculine’ scent, and the other with a “feminine” fragrance, taking this year’s top selling perfumes as their start point.

Does scent affect the way you view the work? Does a traditionally more male fragrance evoke a male form? Does a more floral aroma inspire more feminine body?

Visitors to the event were encouraged to use sight, smell and touch to experience the work, in an attempt to raise questions around physical boundaries, gender and consent.


(De)Constructed Masculinities: Friday Late
Scented sculpture in collaboration with Brian J Morrison
Victoria & Albert Museum | London
Friday 28 September 2018

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