Marchpane to Mutton

'Experience the tastes and smells of Elizabethan food with Tasha Marks of AVM Curiosities.'


As part of the V&A's Shakespeare Season, this interactive lecture allowed participants to sample popular sweets and spices from 16th and early 17th centuries, as well as original AVM creations such as Macbeth Marchpane

Rather than focus on food in Shakespeare's writings, Marchpane to Mutton centered on what the bard himself would have eaten. Shakespeare had an exceptional gastronomic experience in his lifetime, eating at the tavern like many of his contemporaries, but also regularly at the Royal Court, meaning a journey into his edible life-story was a microcosm of the Elizabethan Era, and an exploration of the 16th century and beyond. 


Marchpane to Mutton: A Taste of Shakespeare's Time | V&A Museum | 4 May 2014 |  version of this lecture will also be performed at Wilderness Festival 2014 at part of the V&A's residency.