Aromatic Art

Through Aromatic Art, AVM Curiosities delved into the world of spice, creating a series of art prints, exclusively for Alchemy at the Southbank Centre. Fusing the contemporary with the traditional, the pattern was made using an antique Indian woodblock carving, while the paint was created from spices using AVM's brand new pigment recipe. Each print was also paired with a background story: painting a picture of where that spice came from and bringing a new context to both the image and the aroma.

Plants and natural dyes have been used as pigments for thousands of years; from rhubarb and iron in medieval German manuscripts, to turmeric and charcoal on ancient Indian scrolls. From the brightest cumin and its explosion of vivid yellows, to the deep cadmium red of saffron and paprika, Aromatic Art explores the creative potential of this rich natural pallet of colours, flavours and sensations.


Aromatic Art: The Spice Print Edition | Alchemy Festival | Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX | 15-25 May 2015.