Historical Aphrodisiacs 

Forget strawberries and champagne, Valentine's Day 2016 involved a far more titillating taste of history. Inspired by themes of love and romance, Room 30 at The National Gallery, was transformed into a seductive still life, where everything on the table was at one point or another considered an aphrodisiac.

From the innocent Apple, reminiscent of Adam and Eve, to Vanilla with its evocative sheath, the range of historical bounty was plentiful - after all, the very act of eating is in itself a sensual act. Alongside a plethora of historically credited aphrodisiacs, there were three limited edition edibles reproduced from ancient sources, including the Kama Sutra's Sweet Potato Biscuits with Velvet Bean, which proved interesting...


Historical Aphrodisiacs
Valentine's Late | The National Gallery, London
12 February 2016

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