We're delighted to announce that AVM Curiosities have been long-listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2017. Alongside the final one hundred artists, AVM Curiosities' installation, Obsidian Air, has also recently been published in Future Now, the Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology 2017.

Recognising both innovation and creativity, the Aesthetica Art Prize anthology showcases captivating projects from some of today’s leading artists, both established and emerging, across four categories: Photographic & Digital Art; Painting, Drawing & Mixed Media; Three-Dimensional Design & Sculpture; and Video, Installation & Performance.

From individual narratives to global concerns, the artworks comment on contemporary culture and explore themes such as alienation in the digital age, the intersection between public and private spaces, sensory experiences and the transient nature of life in the 21st century. As the boundaries between the public and the private begin to merge into blurred depictions of reality, contemporary art is a mechanism that enables us to respond to a renewed understanding of living.

The 2017 collection unites 100 artists from countries worldwide, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Germany, Canada, the UK and the USA, providing an outstanding selection from over 3,500 submissions and a glimpse into the shifting landscape of creative expression. Through data maps, re-purposed sculptures, large-scale installations and conceptual negotiations of colour, this year’s Prize provides a diverse and emotionally responsive selection that looks to the future and reassesses the very notion of existence in an unprecedented time.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Future Now, please visit the Aesthetica website.

Obsidian Air, 2015, AVM Curiosities - Photo: Paul Singer

Obsidian Air, 2015, AVM Curiosities - Photo: Paul Singer

MENU: Waiting for Alma-Tadema

The menu below lists the three sensory pairings produced by AVM Curiosities for Leighton Late: Waiting for Alma-Tadema. The event at Leighton House Museum, 12 Holland Park Road, London, took place on Friday 2 June 2017.

The Finding of Moses, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1904

While Frederic Leighton’s studio marks him as an ardent Orientalist, the Pre-Raphaelite’s love affair with the East was an inspirational wildfire that encouraged many artistic endeavors. The Finding of Moses had been a popular subject for paintings since the Renaissance, however the version by Lawrence Alma-Tadema is arguably one of the most revered on the subject. Interest in Egypt surged during the late 1800’s due to new archeological finds, with artists such as Alma-Tadema creating new and improved ‘authentic’ décor in their depictions. In celebration of the nineteenth-century's obsession with Egypt, AVM Curiosities have created a spiced honey and fennel bread with candied figs and zabadi; reflecting on both the content of the painting and recipes from 3000BC.


The Triumph of Titus, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1885

Commissioned by AVM Curiosities, composer and sound designer Troy Hewson has created an exclusive soundscape in response to Alma-Tadema’s The Triumph Of Titus. The aural interpretation draws upon several influences, but none more so than the impact that Alma-Tadema’s paintings have had amongst filmmakers, from the silent films of the 1920’s to the more contemporary work of Ridley Scott’s Gladiator.

The cinematic visual interpretation of Alma-Tadema’s work in films runs parallel to the cinematic aspects of my soundscape, as music has always heightened the dramatic feeling of a film, as it does with many visual stimuli. The elements and stories behind the painting exude images of not just patriotism and triumph but also family, intimacy and loyalty, which I believe are the quieter elements that keep a kingdom successful. So the key for me was to make the soundscape soft and reflective as well as dramatic and powerful.

– Troy Hewson

Edible Embroidery Workshop to accompany Sweet Industry

Edible Embroidery Workshop to accompany Sweet Industry

Sweet Industry, Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema, 1904

Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema was Lawrence’s second wife, an accomplished painter, she specialised in domestic and genre scenes of women and children, often in Dutch 17th-century settings and style. Lawrence Alma-Tadema was a firm supporter of his wife’s work, and by today’s standards he would certainly be considered a feminist; he encouraged his wife and daughters to pursue careers in the arts and to become proficient artists in their own right (an independence that was reflected in his youngest daughter Anna’s commitment to the Women's Suffrage Movement). Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema’s work has been described as ‘highly sentimental’, often reflecting homely and feminine activities such as the embroidery in Sweet Industry. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why she was never as widely noted as her husband. To discuss this point, and the relationship between art and craft, creativity and gender, AVM Curiosities have created an Edible Embroidery Class during which these topics can be debated. 

Sweet Industry, Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema, 1904

Sweet Industry, Laura Theresa Alma-Tadema, 1904

Leighton Late: Waiting for Alma-Tadema
Leighton House Museum, 12 Holland Park Road, London
Friday 2 June 2017

PHOTOS: Pride, Prejudice & Perceptions

Pride, Prejudice & Perceptions is an interactive sensory exploration of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, created by AVM Curiosities & Type Tasting for the British Academy’s Literature Week.

Taking inspiration from the typography found in three editions of this classic novel, Pride, Prejudice & Perceptions uses type, sound, sight and scent to serve one story three ways.

Pride, Prejudice & Perceptions | AVM Curiosities & Type Tasting
The British Academy | 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AH
15 – 19 May 2017 | FREE ENTRY
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Part of the Open Senses Festival.



The Summer House
Seasons of Love | Hackney Attic
Wednesday 15 June (7pm) | Tickets £3-10
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Leighton House Museum
Lickable Leighton: An Edible Architecture Experience
Friday 17 June (5.30-9pm) | Tickets £5-7
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Books Unbound Festival
How to Dine Like a Dictator with Melissa Scott and Victoria Clark
Saturday 25th June (12pm) | Tickets £10
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Crossmodalist Gathering 
The Museum as a Sensory Space | The Wallace Collection
Sunday 26th June (12-4pm) | FREE (reservation required)
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Tasha Marks - Photo: Ash Kingston

Tasha Marks - Photo: Ash Kingston


The National Gallery
Inspiration Late | 22nd July
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The Royal Academy of Arts
The Summer Circus | 23rd July
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